Pet euthanasia and cremation costs

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Home euthanasia cats and dogs

No hidden charges, includes sedation and euthansia drugs and pet casket. Payable at the time. Includes remains delivery to address if applicable.

*Delayed body collection may incur an extra charge.

Travel charges

Within the urban and central Wairarapa there is no extra charge for travel for home euthanasia or post-cremation delivery.

Postcodes beyond central Wairarapa will incur extra charges. Please enter your post code below to see if you have additional travel fees. POA Travel charge outside the Wairarapa region.

Travel Fee
No Travel Fee

Guaranteed Individual Cremation and Return

Ashes are returned in a scatter tube, along with an ink paw-print and certificate of cremation.

Pet over 50kg

Memorialisation options

After cremation all ashes are returned in a scatter tube, unless you choose from the following:

Reterniti Stones

Prices depend on the animals weight. Please select the option the best describes your pet.

Cremation with no return

Your pets ashes will be scattered in a regenerating native planting. (May be a group cremation.)

Pet over 50kg no return

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