Devoted is the creation of five pet-loving veterinarians based in the Wairarapa.

Managed by veterinarian Adrian Evans, we are committed to bringing dedicated home euthanasia and pet aftercare options to pet owners in our region.

We understand how important animal aftercare is, and after many years as veterinarians we believe Devoted can help you decide the best way to farewell your beloved pet. We will ensure you are able to lay your pet to rest with a home burial, or have complete confidence in our respectful, dedicated cremation service.


What makes Devoted different?

  • We offer a sensitive home euthanasia service with the option of booking your visit online, and the opportunity to request a personal call for a discussion of your needs.
  • A caring and prompt personal service from our experienced local staff.
  • We guarantee that only your pet’s ashes are returned to you after their own dedicated cremation.
  • We use only the most environmentally friendly and respectful options through each stage of the aftercare process.

devoted cat & dog

Home euthanasia for pets

The decision to put your pet to sleep is often one of the most difficult decisions many people have to make.

The responsibility to provide the best care, and helping to ease pain and suffering, is something we also take very seriously. It is your choice to make and we will always treat your decision with respect. If you need to discuss anything further we, or your local vet, are here to help.

Sadly, most pets do not die in their sleep, and many elderly pets can eventually suffer from debilitating diseases such as arthritis or chronic organ failure. Most owners know when their pet is suffering and we feel privileged to be able to help bring your pet peace.

Our home euthanasia charge is payable at the time (cash or mobile eftpos). We do not offer credit or other payment options for at-home euthanasia. Your local veterinarian, or the SPCA, may be able to assist if you require an alternative option.

You may wish to keep your pet for a little while afterwards, and we can collect them the following day if required. And if you decide to change your mind about any of the options available to you, we are always sensitive and flexible to your needs.

devoted lamb
devoted bunny

Pet cremation

Apart from burial, we believe that cremation is the most caring and personal way to say goodbye to your pet.

While other methods are available, cremation and burial are what most pet owners favour.

With care and understanding, we can collect your pet’s body from your local veterinarian or from your home.

Aftercare is very important to us, and we do not use any plastic containers. Instead, cardboard caskets or non-woven fabric bags are used during the process, and supplied to our vet clinics. This enables the respectful management of your pet from collection to cremation.

Pets returned to you are cremated privately, and the entire process is carefully monitored.

Microchips are safe to cremate, as are most toys or personal items you may wish to include. Any surgical metal is identified and removed before your pet’s ashes are prepared. We absolutely guarantee that only your own pet’s ashes are returned to you.

Note: Pets not requiring a return service may be cremated with others.

Our pet cremation products

All ashes are returned in a Devoted scattertube. But you can also choose from one of our alternative options below.

devoted scattertube



devoted wooden urn

Wooden Urn

From $145

reterniti stones

Reterniti Stones

From $299

reterniti stones

Paw Print


Devoted pet aftercare

We have sourced a range of respectful methods for your pets journey.

Cats and small dogs have purpose designed cardboard caskets, while larger pets have purpose designed bags. Both are suitable for cremation or burial.

Devoted does not use plastic containers, and we aim for all pets to be cremated as soon as possible. This ensures minimum storage time and the prompt return of your beloved pet’s remains to you.

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