Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a few questions about pet cremation or euthanasia, and hopefully we can answer them below.

Who manages Devoted?

Devoted is the creation of five pet-loving veterinarians based in the Wairarapa.

Managed by veterinarian Adrian Evans, we are committed to bringing dedicated home euthanasia and pet aftercare options to pet owners in our region.

If you can’t see your question here, please get in touch with us using the contact form.

Do you cater to pets other than cats and dogs?

For cremation, we can cater to any pet up to 100kg – dogs and cats primarily, but smaller pigs, alpaca and sheep are also possible.

For ash returns, all our cremations are private (i.e. only your pet is in the chamber during the cremation). For non-return cremations, your pet may share the cremation with one or more other pets.

For home euthanasia, we cater for all domestic pets.

Do you cater to small livestock?

Yes, we can cater to some small livestock such as sheep and goats, small pigs and small alpaca. We can collect and cremate them by arrangement.

There may be some extra charges for animals with fleeces, and the animal must have died recently and/or stored appropriately after death (in a bag and cold-stored).

We are not a service for collection of animals that have been found dead in the paddock, and we have the right to refuse to deal with a decomposing or soiled body.

What if my pet is over the allocated weight?

Our cremator can cater for an animal up to 100kg – however we cannot accommodate pets larger than that.

For pets above 50kg, the extra charge is $3/kg above the 50kg charge for both private cremations (returned ashes) and non-returns.

Can I arrange a booking for euthanasia, outside of the days and times specified?

We may be able to accommodate home visits outside of the appointments available. Please contact us via the contact form and we will see what we can do.

We do not however work outside Monday to Friday or public holidays. If you need assistance outside this time, please contact your veterinarian.

How will my pet be transported, and if they are heavy do I need to get assistance?

We have a collapsible gurney to assist with moving larger pets to and from our dedicated vehicle if required.

All pets able to be accommodated inside a casket or bag will be placed into one of these for transportation.

All pets are individually identified and tracked by unique identifiers on their casket or bag, and during the cremation process.

How long does it take for ashes, or reternity stones, to be returned?

For ash return we aim for a seven-day turnaround.

Reterniti stones can take longer, and we will liaise with the suppliers as to turnaround time.

When and how do you accept payment for the service?

We charge a flat fee for all home euthanasias (dogs and cats), which includes all drugs used.

If your pet is particularly anxious, we can help organise pre-visit sedatives for you to administer – our veterinary partners are best placed to help as they will know your pet. They will bill this sedation at the time it is dispensed by them.

For home euthanasia we expect payment at the time and have a mobile payment device. If you live remotely (outside of cellphone coverage), we can accept cash or arrange a bank transfer in advance.

We will generally do the consent, discuss options for your pets body and memorialisation, and will take payment before beginning the euthanasia process.

For cremations, we can take payment at the time or on a seven day invoice if ashes are returned.

Reterniti stones need to be paid for in advance.

Do you sedate the pet before euthanasia?

Yes. We have very good protocols for a peaceful and calm process. Understandably it can be a distressing time and it’s important everyone is well catered for.

Our appointments are for 1 hour, and this will encompass the preliminary consent, memorialisation options and payment, sedation and then euthanasia when everyone is ready.

My pet died at home. Can you collect?

Yes we can.

Contact us via the web form and we will be in touch. If your pet has died during the weekend or a public holiday and you cannot store their body safely, your local veterinarian should be able to store them safely until we can collect them.

What else can you tell me about the home euthanasia process?

We can accommodate nearly any situation – inside the home or outside.

After we have introduced ourselves, we carry out an initial assessment where we explain the approach and process personally. Every circumstance can be different and we tailor the process to the setting and your pet.

We use a sedative specific to your pet, generally based on species and size, but taking into account any other recognised health issues, to relax your pet and calm them. Once your pet is very sleepy/sedated (usually within 10 minutes), we will use a barbiturate agent to put your pet to sleep. After a few moments we can check their heart and other vital signs to confirm they have passed away.

If we are taking your pet with us, they will be placed in an enclosed casket or bag and carried, or they will be placed on a gurney and wheeled, over to our vehicle.